Painting by Numbers_Music

M u s i c  t o  t h e  E a r

                  (this canvas was bought in 2014, quarter way coloured, recently completed in 3 days 2 nights)


This art piece, again different colours, different instrument calls for different interests and talent, we play different roles,  in small or big way, we all can’t be Conductors in an orchestra or a band, but we certainly can put someone’s composition of a rendition and lyrics to make beautiful music to someone’s ears or just horrible noise.



Painting With Numbers



C O L O R S  of  L I F E

                                       (the above canvas art piece was colour filled by writer in 2014)

This art piece is called “Painting With Numbers”, each number requires a different colour, otherwise, the art piece will not turn out the way it was meant to be. Similarly like us, our lives is like an art piece, where have different shades and colours to be the person our Maker makes us to be, or even our own Home, that no one can mutilate, control and command, otherwise it turns out something it’s not meant to be.

 People like to be treated with a little bit of Mutual Respect 

 respect /rɪˈspɛkt/

Because that's how our parents and guardians have brought us up to be