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BUDGET 2018 , announced on 19 February 2018, was an integrated long-term,strategic financial plan for Singapore, in PM Lee H.L’s words.


How will it impact you and your pocket as a whole as a individual owner and investor , in particular the Buyer’s Stamp Duty ?


For many, even the writer , was caught by surprised by the increase of the Buyer’s Stamp Duty by 1% for residential properties above 1 million, which we understand has not increased in the last decade or so. In dollars and cents, minimum $10,000+ , for resale buyers, upfront cash, for developers new sales, possibly can be offset against your Central Provident Funds (CPF), provided your lawyers can apply for approval in time for the drawn down, otherwise, late stamp duty applies. For executive condos, buyer’s stamp duty can be paid  via CPF (provided again you have sufficient after factoring the 15% option fee, minimum sums , otherwise cash required) , click the link below and scroll all the way down to understand the mechanics on Stamp Duties, apart from the 3 broad fiscal measures Overview of Tax Changes 

Singapore Budget 2018


For some $10,000 may be insignificant, for some it may be, when it is their 2nd property (investment or own stay) apart from the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) , hopefully all things being equal, it can be recovered, from the profit gains when they exit from their property investment.

Basically there are some trade offs, in Singapore, there is no capital gain tax (so we are fortunate, for now) and for housing in general is less costly than compared to many other Asian , Far East Asia countries and the Greater China, or even London and Japan.

For public housing, there are other forms of savings that government has given via the enhanced Proximity Housing Grants, and other earlier CPF housing grants and schemes, for 1st and 2nd timers, which will benefit upgrades and downgrades of resale flats. Click on the link above and below.

CPF Housing Grants for Resale 


Other goodies, includes the SG Bonus for all citizens , SG U-Save to help buff the carbon tax and service and conservancy charge rebates for 1 year for the heart-lander such as myself ;)

A few hundred dollars savings “Hong bao” is better than none, and also to save up some, if any for the increase in the Goods and Services Tax come 2021 in phases.


Notes; The above, are writer’s opinions and views over the years of her experience and research (resources, links given), hence likewise yourselves, research , reading , workshops , seminars before inking any deals and placing option monies.


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