Crossing Over


Crossing over from PROPNEX to SAVILLS after 10 years has not been as easy as some might think, like booking a ticket and taking a flight, it has taken me several months to ponder and thinking on the choice and culture of the agency I want to move to and how it will impact my customers, my life and others, as I sought approval from Council Estate Agencies (CEA) whilst practising and awaiting for necessary approvals and administrative process and also phasing in to the new one, reworking on marketing and action plans. For most who have long standings within the same agency or company can only imagine, but never truly understand the processes, time and income loss, until they step out from their own comfort zones. Believe more will as the real estate scene appears to be changing and evolving with mergers, and moving as a group or big team is different from moving as a small team or even an individual as myself, and for most who have followed writer’s Facebook sharing will emphatic to some extent. Getting my new CEA license card and collateral helps me get back to the norm of business, takes a couple of weeks to getting things up and running again, and with the favour from above, which we all need in our line of business, apart from our usual channel of work and business relationships, as some may prefer to deal with a certain brand than the business person, and viz a viz, and that is fine, here’s what 2 of my long time customers say, I am grateful, couple of their testimonials

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