Did You Go The EXTRA Mile?


What does it take to be a Mentor?

Or what does it take to go that Extra mile for someone without self-promotion?

When was the last time you did something for someone without wanting anything in return?

Or when was the last you did anything for anybody?

And when was the last you went the Extra mile for someone with the best of intentions?

Yes, from the Start to the End.

Many a times , the author had experienced, the love and sacrifice, and often times, they are from family and even clients, maybe a handful of colleagues, (as most would testify) but lesser from friends and people she thought she knew or knew her.

Most recent, author’s car stalled at covered car park (fortunately) after viewing late afternoon from a different location, part of the ritual, is to stop somewhere and report to her landlord on the outcome, in a cafe, and at same time, sending Whats app invites for a coming event and other follow up work, less she forgets. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to top up her already low or no gas in her car, and it failed on her.

A call to a 24-hour workshop gave her good advice (thank you guy, in haste forgot to) and off to flag a cab, or to walk to the nearest petrol kiosk to purchase some! And she thought it only happens in western movies, or a distant country! (Holy Spirit, you have proved her right)

Another call to her relative who lived nearby came to rescue, because people who walked nearby or drove in and out of the car park, they never asked. Close to their dinner time, they came and drove her to the nearest petrol kiosk to purchase 5 litres of gas, attended to by a helpful station guy, and from there, her relative helped to top up gas, several strategy had to be thought through, the angle of the make-shift plastic funnel and the angle of how the gas is poured into the gas spout (and even in such situations, there is team work!) and voila, turned on the ignition and the car came alive again.

This incident of going or doing the extra mile or lap has demonstrated to author, in our other real life and business situations, what is the needful thing to do for the other , when one is in need and after, and it doesn’t always have to be monetary, what is the needful to do. Because even after we left, relative still checked in with author and Whats app to follow up “Is everything OK with the car”? It’s a simple true analogy.

There are many, the nicer things people have done for us (both personal and business) and it is not to say that those the author did not highlight are not and people know who they are, because it is people like these, that truly make a difference.