Exemptions for Do Not Call registry


A New Set of Advisory Guideline was implemented a week prior to the launch of the Do Not Call (DNC) national registry.


Organisations will be able to send text or fax messages on related products and services to customers and members with whom they have an ongoing relationship, however the exemption order does not cover voice calls.


For example, a bank or credit card company will be able to send its existing credit card holders telemarketing messages about related services, such as a rewards programme for credit card holders, PDPC explained. For more examples, refer to this link to read the whole article from www.yahoo.com http://sg.news.yahoo.com/exemptions-provided-for-do-not-call-registry-033938964.html

or refer to this link: http://www.pdpc.gov.sg/news/press-room/page/0/year/2013/new-advisory-guidelines-issued-for-do-not-call-registry

source: www.pdpc.gov.sg/