invest knowledge


This FARES in knowledge come by once a year and writer was happy to have registered for it as one of her short term goals, amidst the increase in recent preparations of new project launches and other business work follow ups.

It took 15 hours , a 5-half days, to reach a higher level of learning and understanding to have better grounding in the principles of “Financial Analysis” that Real Estate Salespersons (RES) need to have.

We had a good, detailed and patient pilot (teacher) and co-pilot (assistant), I hope they found writer a good student ‘passenger’, albeit late on couple occasions on arrival and questioning certain theories to make sense and meaning for her practise, and overall successfully completing the learning journey.

Highly recommended for other RES the following year.


For more insights into the psyche of what RES go through to enhance the mind and add value to customers and the planned learning programs to guide us on a continuous learning journey click on the link