How Tech SAVVY Are We?




Last month of all times, author’s website went bonkers – malware , virus , of all times, during the most critical time when a project launch campaign is ongoing


As an owner of a web site or even a landing web page , the amount of time to build one, marketing dollars and efforts to promote the domain name or a form, for people to enquire and call in, is extremely disruptive, may it never happen to the one who caused it, for those who do not like to see others succeed


My web host got it worse (trust they forgive the writer for the blasts they got for blocking her web site) after all , it’s only the 2nd time, it happened in 1 year? after hosting since 2012 with no technical glitches


It shows how the business of project marketing has gone, from being informative to buyers to being so competitive in the market place, and the inter dependence the sales business person , with just manual sales starter kits and the traditional method of flyers to start with have taken off¬† to , and that how’s it started, way back for project marketing, no one really bothered how project marketing is, some thought it was just too difficult, because they rather sell or buy something they can see and feel. Who did websites then? Author recalled , attending Word press beginner’s course¬† then, and still remembered and what the trainer said, it should resonate with those who do this for a living as well, it takes years to keep practising, improving and perfecting it, and whilst at it, make a living. Meantime, she has also looked at several options as well, web designers and builders, from the simple to the faster and professionally done, and there had been success stories as well!