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Past years, writer was a long time subscriber to SRX, a paid online portal, for posting sales and rent listings, and to generate summary and comprehensive Street Sine home reports for resale homeowners and buyers, whilst at same time, doing her project sales work. She had churned out a full home report for her investor client (a couple) who wanted to exit from their developer sale unit in Yishun, it was close to TOP, (transacted through  her during her earlier years as a CEA registered salesperson), they found the report interesting and beneficial), and although she wasn’t able to secure the expected sale offer, they managed to unlock their wealth, and re-invest, to date, she and them remain in contact occasionally, and also keeping an eye out for a potential landed home (they have 2 other existing properties purchased on their own)

In June 2017, writer helped a landlord rent their landed home by using v 360 virtual tour technology. During the initial months prior to June, writer used the usual posting of listing on another online paid portal, with professional photographs provided by landlords and also went to their home to take few more best angle shots and convert them to a simple music video. After marketing a few months, with a couple of pauses in the marketing and advertising campaign (there were a few enquiries with 1-2 firm viewings, and no offer), I shared this idea of doing something different using SRX v360 virtual tour and landlords agreed. She got SRX to confirm and schedule an allocated day they are available for the video team to get the half day job completed. The video scenes were organised, writer was also present to ensure, everything went smoothly, and video clip turned out nicely, after few edits. The v360 link was uploaded (it can only be embedded onto SRX portal). It made a difference, generated 2 enquiries, an impromptu viewing, whilst owner were away, and an actual viewing, with writer’s co-broke partners, seeing his tenants were keen, couldn’t decide as yet as they had another house in mind, quickly sent the link to him, after tenants left, when they departed Singapore, to retain their interest, and we finally got an offer.

Over the past years, writer went for several SRX short course trainings, whenever there was a new value add feature, and SRX has proved to be quite innovative in coming up with complimentary and paid services for subscribers, especially during these disruptive phase of technology. She attended PropTech 2017 workshop, to better understand what are the challenges estate agents and salespersons face and newer technologies coming up, and how it has benefited many veteran agency leaders to close deals better, and match expectations and demands of the current buyers and homeowners, e.g. Analyser, Mortgage Connect Program, X-drone, Property Tracker, X-valuation, etc, amongst other ongoing training programs and compulsory courses required of real estate salespersons.

Last week, writer registered for an 8 hour spread training over 3 days to refresh and brush up her new tech skills and knowledge, most impactful training was the hands-on Analyser power technology, and decided to commit to it as part of her upgrading goal to better serve existing homeowners, investors and new customers, to help them in their market, project, investment analyses for both residential and commercial segments, including a buffet spread of services through 1 application. 

Writer finds this feature Property Tracker interesting, it helps homeowners and investors to receive free, monthly SMS updates on the value of their homes and their neighbourhood, it’s highly recommended. Do click on the given invite link Personal Invitation Link and also to find out how you can unlock your wealth  through various methods either cash out or rent or other methods.

For other information how to enter into big and small homes and investment projects (TOP and/or BUC), please feel free to Whatsapp/Call Gladys Tan @ +65 9646076 New Condo Launch Singapore