A look back at the history of Mt Vernon Sanctuary before it goes


What may seem to majority as merely redevelopment plans for the better of the city state and for perhaps businessman Ang, through his successful tender as undertakers of funerals, it has brought inconvenience and a rehash of emotions for thousands, 16,000 to 20,000 families affected, reliving the deaths of either their loved ones, parents, grandparents or children.


When news broke out that Mount Vernon Sanctuary was to make way for redevelopment plans, in 2013, it didn’t quite hit author and it didn’t impact  till her eldest brother received an official letter from NEA last year of the impending relocation of their late parents’ urns, never did author realise the emotional impact as date drew closer… as a family with not many siblings, fortunately, it was easier to manage, with collective decisions made whether to relocate late parents niches to Mandai Columbrarium that the local government offered at subsidised cost or to privately run ones and hence it was decided for the earlier. Even in death, and an impending relocation, there are costs, monetary, time and emotions.


Through the process, thankful for eldest brother who took responsibility to handle the administrative and coordination with NEA ,as for writer, helped with the writing and arrangement to seek for a church pastor to conduct blessings before the removal and after the placement of the urns, and am also grateful for the availability of a senior pastor who is able to assist.


It may be a morbid to read or share such events  in writer’s business web page, but it is equally important, it is personal and real, and in the midst of renewal and redevelopment of a city state, the interruptions and emotional it has brought to personal lives, work and business responsibilities, it reflects also the state of scarcity of land within the central part of the city state, for future public and private housing for an increasing population.


It is hoped there be more compassion and care extended to affected families of such events.