SPACE – when it comes to saving or making space, creating or enlarging space, our personal spaces, living space, our homes, our working spaces , where shared space is now the trend, larger scale the estates we live in, private or public and on a macro level, our city space where land is scarcity in various regions and when population projection to 6.9m, and to be a all rounded real estate salesperson, there is need to know practically bit of everything as we act as intermediaries and various parties for our clients to help them make important, informed decisions, whether , to buy , to sell , to hold. to assign, to sub-sell, to part sell, to transfer, to rent, or otherwise etc.


The writer’s role as a real estate salesperson is diversified and interesting, understanding, advising, sourcing, finding, proposing, negotiating, equipping self with market trends, info tools, to find appropriate space, to assist clients to up size and downsize their living cum working and investment spaces, whether we meet them for the first time, or the longest time, helping them find their best dream home and/or investment space that match their pocket, comfort level, needs, wants, ensuring every dollar counts (to the best possible) and ensure their investment dollar is well taken care (meaning to value add, commission wise, secondary factor for few), and ensure when they do exit from their abodes and/or investment space, on paper or hand it down to their children (if any), or will it as gifts, their capital outlay is protected or ploughed back or double (principal, bank interest aside and depending the % of capital upfront)


There is need to link them with bankers (doing the interim basic estimated cash flow with various payment schemes, programs and repayments to banks factoring buyers and additional stamp duties, property taxes, legal fees, etc) and lawyers (attending with them at the lawyer’s office to exercise their Options) to ensure a smooth one off buying process and sales completion, whether primary sales or resale, and or with tenancy, and facilitate the entire sale process for both parties.


Above all , monitoring the progress of construction (especially for building under construction, to guide and prep them through the various progress payments and for TOP projects, as well, for various payment schemes and timelines), whether being asked or otherwise, always being in the know, keeping them abreast and updated right to collection of keys to their homes and/or investment spaces. On top and above, rendering and providing any ID contacts and ideas (on a non obligatory basis) even when not asked, to ensure sufficient and  appropriate researched ideas and information to meet their requests.


There are times writer is unable to meet and do all, when owners need to divest or dispose their current spaces, hence leave to their  discretion to find the appropriate and preferred real estate sales person(s) who can meet their marketing needs in the fastest possible time, so their sales proceeds can come in time to finance and / or to refinance the coming or next  investment, in between, there is consultative work, at times giving some educated advice via research and hands on experience to queries on hand. What’s most important, a satisfied client and repeat business in the near or long term future to create or enhance the space they invested in with the writer.


For information on how to enter into big and small home and investment space, T.O.P. and B.U.C. projects, please feel free to Whatsapp/Call Gladys Tan @ +65 9646076 New Condo Launch Singapore


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