What Will Singapore Be Like by 2030?

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5,200 hectares more land to accommodate projected 6.9m population

Singapore plans to increase its land supply by nearly 8 per cent to 76,600 hectares to accommodate its projected population of 6.9 million by 2030, according to the Land Use Plan report released on Thursday.Singapore’s total land area now stands at 71,400 hectares.About 60 per cent will be set aside for housing, industry and community facilities — up from the current 52 per cent. And a large part of the additional land will come from reclamation and freeing up reserve land.

Some golf courses and military training grounds will make way for redevelopment.There are now 18 golf courses in Singapore, covering about 1,500 hectares of land with leases that run for 30 years. The Law Ministry said the majority of the leases will expire between 2021 and 2030, adding that some of the golf courses would have to be phased out and the land put to other uses.

Most of the reclamation will be done at Tekong — an offshore island located on the north eastern part of Singapore, used for military training — and Tuas, in the south western part of the island.
Beyond 2030, potential reclamation areas include Marina East, Changi East and Pasir Ris. These are also marked as reserve sites that can support future needs such as housing and industries.

Other possible future reclamation sites include clusters around the western islands and the southern parts of Singapore.
Another strategy is to go underground — by expanding current uses of underground space — for example, with train lines, underground expressways and retail malls.
The government is also exploring more uses for underground caverns for industrial and commercial developments.


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